Podcasting For Beginners

Podcasting For Beginners PDF Author: Brandon's Business Guides
ISBN: 9781989838815
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Discover How You Can Start Your Own Podcast Around Your Passion, Grow Your Audience Rapidly And Earn $1000's Every Single Month... Do you want to start your own podcast? Do you want to earn a full time income podcasting about your passion? Do you want to provide endless amounts of value to your listeners & build your own tribe of raving fans? These days, it seems like everyone and their Dog are starting a Podcast. So, the question then becomes how can you stand out? How can you grow your podcast rapidly, build an audience and actually make this a successful endeavor. Not only that, but how can you master every step of the process, such as the hosting, casting, making & growing of the podcast so that you have the highest quality podcast possible. Each of us have our unique voice that deserves to be heard, but we just don't know where to begin. That is where this book will help you. We've packed it with actionable step by step advice so you can transform your huge ideas and dreams, into a successful & sustainable Podcast. After all, Podcasts are the fastest growing form of Media around, but this doesn't mean they're easy to create and sustain, in fact, in such a fast growing world, it is absolutely essential that you know how to create an amazing show, build your ideal audience and monetize so you can eat more than PB& J sandwiches for dinner. Anyways, here's a slither of what's inside... How To Get Your First 1000 Listeners (It's Far Easier Than You Think) Discover Your 'Why' Around Starting Your Podcast & Uncover The Unlimited Motivation You Have Within How To Uncover What Your Show Is Truly About & How To Use A Simple 'Pitch' To Attract Advertisers & Sponsors A Step By Step Guide To Uncovering Your Ideal Listener And Crafting Your Very Own Listener Avatar Why You Need To Structure Every Show You Do & Exactly How To Create Your Own Show 'Blueprint' For Every Episode A Precise Guide To All The Equipment And Gear You Need For Your Podcasting Journey 5 Must Know Tips For Becoming An Amazing Podcast Host How To Get Incredible Guests To Come On Your Show 4 Ways To Monetize Your Podcast While Keeping Your Integrity In Check 3 Simple, Yet Wildly Effective, Ways For Handling Your Critics Why You Should NEVER Simply Copy Top Podcasters And Expect The Same Success (And What To Do Instead) The 3 Step Formula For Teasing Your Audience About The Upcoming Episode And Skyrocket Your Regular Viewers How To Follow Up With A Guest After The Episode So They NEVER Forget About Your Show And Are Sure To Come Back For More Episodes! And That Is Barely Scratching The Surface! Even if you've NEVER created any kind of video in your life, even if you have ZERO idea how to build a loyal audience you can monetize and even if you have no idea how you can even get guests for your Podcast, this book will show you exactly how to turn your idea into a wildly successful Podcast starting today! So, If You Want The Easy To Follow Blueprint For Starting Your Podcast & Turning Your Passion Into A Hugely Successful Career While Building An Audience That Loves Your Work, Then Scroll Up And Click "Add To Cart."